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     These publications are brief, easily readable resources which cover issues of concern to both self-defense trainers and individuals who engage or are thinking of engaging in armed, self-defense.
     They can be ordered directly from this website or can be ordered in bulk at a discount price by sending an email to, specifying which resource(s) you want to purchase and the number of pamphlets you need. 

     We encourage retailers and trainers to consider using these resources as educational aids for their customers and students.

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Manual No. 1:  A simple and easy 10-minute daily exercise plan which doesn't require using a gun but keeps you fit and ready to engage in armed, self-defense.  One copy - $4.95

Are You Facing A Threat Cover (1).jpg

Manual No. 2: A brief and easy-to-read explanation of the laws which must be followed in order to keep from being charged with a crime if you defend yourself with armed force. One copy - $4.95

Is He A Threat Cover (1).jpg

Manual No. 3: How to determine whether that person coming towards you is a 'good guy' or a 'bad guy.' One copy - $4.95

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Do I Need A Gun Cover (1).jpg

Manual No. 4: Issues which women need to consider if they want to engage in armed, self-defense. One copy - $4.95

Training Aids

Designed exclusively for our members.  Target measures 11' x 8.5" and should be hung 8 feet from range rest. As accuracy increases, target should be moved back to 15 feet. Price - $10 for 20 targets.

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A 16-page manual describing three exercises which can be practiced without a gun and in 20 minutes will sharpen the muscles and reactions you need to use for successful armed self-defense. Every exercise is illustrated. Price - $5.95

If you have developed training resources and would like to feature those resources on this website, please send an email to the above email address and we will be pleased to consider adding your products to this page.

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