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Do You Want to Defend Yourself With a Gun?

This website contains information and resources to help you decide whether you want to own and carry a self-defense handgun. If you decide to join millions of law-abiding Americans who practice armed, self-defense, you will also find resources which will help you engage in self-training exercises to keep you smart and sharp. evaluate necessary training in using your gun, as well as

This website was developed with input from training professionals with experience both in the personal and law-enforcement sectors. The resources can also make thoughtful gifts to family members and friends who are considering joining the growing community of law-abiding Americans who want to protect themselves and their families in the most effective way.

My name is Ken Wilkinson. I am a Certified Protection Professional, in the International  Association of Security Professionals.   Federal use of force Instructor, NRA Master Training Counselor, have trained and certified over a thousand Instructors as Firearms and Bail Enforcement  Officers in NY and CT.  Court recognized Expert Witness on Deadly force and Training issues. Served as a Law Enforcement Officer In NY State as a Deputy Sherrif, Village, Town, and State Police Officer for sixteen years. Korean War Veteran and Deep Sea Diver, US Navy 1951-through 1955. 


The resources available on this website represent my experience in gun use and gun safety, along with the advice of many other gun training experts

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