My Self-Defense Gun

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We do not sell anything, and we do not endorse any specific product or gun.

The purpose of this website is to give you the information you need to buy a self-defense gun and train yourself to use it effectively and safely. The site was designed by professional gun trainers with more than a century of combined training experience both in the private and law-enforcement sectors. 

This website is owned and copyrighted by Self Defense Guns, LLC, registered in MA. 

We also believe that armed, self-defense isn't for everyone.  Walking around with a gun or keeping a gun for self-defense in your home is not a decision you should make just because other people you know are using guns for armed, self-defense, or because it sounds like a good idea. 

A gun designed for armed, self-defense is a much more lethal and dangerous product than any other self-defense product you can buy. Using a self-defense gun properly not only requires skill, training and physical ability, but also requires that you maintain your skill, training and physical ability for as long as you intend to use a gun for armed, self-defense.

If you do not or cannot maintain the requisite skill, training and physical ability to always use a self-defensew gun properly, effectively and safely, this website is not for you.

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